Gumroad is for independent writers, designers, game developers, musicians, artists, filmmakers, and anyone in-between. Simply, if you’re a creator — Gumroad is for you. Without the hassle and cost of selling within a marketplace, Gumroad enables you to sell directly to your audience — just like you talk to them.

It’s quick to integrate Gumroad onto your website, sell on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, SoundCloud, and through your own email newsletter. And it’s even faster to buy. If you live in a country where you can receive payments through PayPal, you can use Gumroad.

They support direct bank deposits in the United States and Japan. They pay all the necessary fees to move money into your PayPal account. Every transaction on Gumroad happens through an encrypted HTTP Secure connection. Your customers’ download links are also secure. The download links expire after one use, and require verification before another download happens.

  • Richard
    November 6, 2019 at 2:15 pm

    For people in search of an easy, workable cart experience, Gumroad is best available at a low price.

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