Buffer, a fully distributed team of 82 people living and working in 15 countries around the world. And they are working to build the best products to help their customers build their brands and grow their businesses on social media.

At Buffer, we always aimed to do things a little differently. Since the early days, they have a focus on building one of the most unique and fulfilling workplaces by rethinking a lot of traditional practices.

A commitment to supporting team and customers has helped Buffer grow from humble beginnings to now serving more than 75,000 customers. Buffer passion for making meaningful connections flows through everything we do.

Buffer care about building a quality product, trusted relationships with their customers, and a sense of community that connects customers and team with one another.

  • Jannik Fischer
    November 6, 2019 at 1:53 pm

    Affordable, Super Simple, Nice Feature Set, Amazing Support. I started using Buffer around 5 years ago and they had a great idea right from the start.

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